We’ll Help Your Child Master Reading & Math

For Students Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

Our adaptive lessons help K-8 students catch up, keep up, and get ahead by focusing their efforts on specific academic gaps.

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Built For Busy Parents

Mastery Genius is a supplemental resource built for busy parents who want to help their children master reading & math without an insane time commitment.

Register & Assess

Sign up for an account and have your child take the reading and math placement tests. We then send you a report and generate a customized curriculum.

Practice & Master Concepts

Help your child practice with your new personalize online curriculum. Our smart software focuses on the concepts that your child needs help with.

Re-Test to Observe Growth

After 30-60 days, have your child take the placement assessments again. We will send you a new report that shows their progress. Keep going to see huge improvements!


See what parents are saying about us


“I love that Mastery Genius is adaptive and connects to the information provided by the MAP Growth assessment.”


“It’s effective. I’m particularly impressed with the reading comprehension skills that my son is learning in Mastery Genius right now.”


“I like that the learning software alternates instructional videos with practice. It helps keep my daughter interested.”


“The software is challenging, but creates confidence in an area that my child previously struggled. “


“The material has given our child the love of reading that was taken away at public school.”


“My daughter didn’t really like PathBlazer and the Mastery Genius team was quick to offer another solution. Very helpful!”


Mastery Genius Membership

$30 per month

per student

Unlimited adaptive assessments

Access to a fully customized curriculum

Reports focused on your child’s progress

No long-term commitments

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Smart Assessment + Personalized Curriculum = Academic Success

After taking our initial assessment, students move at their own pace with content on their exact level, gaining a sense of confidence and motivation along the way. When they are ready, they can take the assessment again to adjust the curriculum to their needs.

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